Place Value

Well, here we go with some reviews about place value. I just found some really great videos that might help those of you having trouble remembering how place value works. Click play to begin. (You'll probably need to have the sound on as you follow along.)

Click here to see some really embarassed adults.

Learn it.  Rap it.  Place Value it.   (Word y'all)

Avast me hearties!  Can ye defeat these Place Value Pirates and find the buried treasure?  Climb the rigging faster than St. Elmo's fire!
(I think if I ever start a swashbuckling school, one of the lessons will be called 'Laughing and then jumping off something'.)

Read the number in its written form, and then blast the ships with the correct value.  Send them all to Davy Jones!
Get the correct answer, you get to fire the awesome cannon.  Sound easy?

Is that your final answer?

Try to combine the numbers into the largest possible number.

Find the correct place value, and then you'll reveal the hidden picture.

A short quiz to test your place value skills.